Drywall vs. Plaster

Drywall Vs Plaster


Wall installation projects usually involve two alternatives of plaster and drywall. Drywall comes in different thicknesses and mainly in 4 by 8 foot panels. They’re fast and convenient to install and consist of sandwiched panels. Plaster jobs are more demanding, where workers apply layers of plaster on top of laths which are fixed to the studs. For your project, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of these two options. Therefore we are going to discuss the main factors on the matter.

Drywall is cheaper than plaster

Labor cost for plaster often estimates three times more than drywall since it demands more skillful workers and the process is usually much longer.

Plaster is more labor- intensive

Plaster works sometimes involves a quick improvement and sometimes the wall’s reconstruction. Moreover, the required skill for plaster job is an important factor of the project. Repairs by drywall is uncomplicated and quick and people can even perform it themselves.

Plaster finish looks more desirable

Although drywall is more popular in household jobs, plaster delivers better outcome in terms of aesthetic. On the other hand, drywalls can’t be bent for the curvatures on walls and plaster proves to be more practical for this specific cases.

It’s more difficult to hang objects on plaster

You can’t simply use thumbtacks to hang things on plasters and you may also make cracks on the surface, while you can easily apply tacks on drywalls. Using screws is best option on plaster so that there won’t be any unpredictable damage.

Drywall provides a better insulation

The thermal insulation of drywalls is much more efficient though plaster is denser than common drywalls. Even when we try hard to fit plaster with insulating materials it won’t be as energy efficient as drywalls. However, due to it denser material, sound proof qualities in plaster is much better than drywall.




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  1. Thomas Peterson Reply

    You made a good point that drywall often comes with less demand than plaster does. I’ve been working on building a house and I’ve been trying to decide if I should use drywall or not. Maybe I should pick up some drywall supplies and see how I like it.

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